first aid kit



When you book a service with Pupquatics you understand the possibility for accidents to happen as this is a social environment with many other dogs. Please read the following to understand our practices in the event of an emergency.




Because of the social nature of our environment, minor cuts and scrapes may come with rough play during socialization hours. We provide our best supervision to minimize any behavior considered too rough and separate as needed. We always make it a point to inform the owner of any injuries that we find, big or small. These minor injuries generally do not harm your pup and in their eyes are worth all the fun they're having. 




Bites are a rare occurrence at Pupquatics but it does not eliminate the possibility it could happen. During the meet and greet, it is the owner's responsibility to inform us of ANY type of aggression/fear around other dogs, toys, food/water bowls, or their own personal space. We expect full disclosure to any past or recent events that may be concerning or worth knowing. We separate dogs from the group if there is any type of aggression exhibited. If your pup needs to be isolated due to aggression or socialization issues, we will find other means of stimulation and reassess their future at Pupquatics. If your dog's behavior changes over time it is essential that you let us know. We do everything within our control to ensure your pup and others are safe.




Owner's are responsible and required to provide current flea and tick prevention for their pups. We have a large yard with grass and initial prevention is key. In addition, we treat our yard and indoor areas with natural flea and tick spray. However, it does not guarantee that fleas/tick will not happen; just less likely. Crates are cleaned with disinfectant and all bedding/bowls washed before each pup's arrival. Our yard is cleaned multiple times daily for pet waste. We take all measures necessary to return home a clean pup (besides dirt and grass stains!), and we ask that our clients do the same before dropping off a pup. 




Dogs can get into things in a blink of an eye. Many get curious outdoors and ingest things that can upset their stomach. Their anxiety may also cause an upset stomach. In the event of loose stool/diarrhea, we will eliminate any wet food and treats from their diet. If it is not resolved within a day or two we will reach out to you to assess next action. Rice and chicken can be provided if needed. After 1-3 days with no resolution or improvement we will recommend a veterinary visit. 




We take in dogs of all ages and illnesses and provide their daily oral or injected medication/supplements. In the event of serious injury or incapacitation, we will take emergency measures as we see fit. If time is not critical we may contact your dog's primary Veterinarian. If immediate assistance is required we will contact our 24-hour emergency vet located in Columbia (PET+ER). Should the owner or emergency contact be unreachable during time-sensitive illness, you give Pupquatics hosts consent to making informed medical decisions for your pup. 100% of medical expenses paid by Pupquatics must be reimbursed by the owner. ​