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Hi, I'm Happy! I am the youngest of my brothers and was rehomed to my mom in 2013. I do well with others and also alone. I love playing with other dogs especially if they are my size. Big dogs shouldn't underestimate my size though! I love to play tug and will make sure you know when I'm ready to play. If you aren't in the mood to play then I will chase my tail, dig into nothing, or play with my toys. I am the true definition of my own name.

Hi, I'm Meeko! I was named after the raccoon in Pocahontas. It is a coincidence that I also like to scavenge through trash and eat unattended food much like a raccoon. I was adopted in 2013 from Small Miracles. I love children, adults and small dogs. I love playing chase with my brothers and our friendly guests. My most favorite activity is getting attention from my humans and chewing on toys!

Hi, I'm Butter! I am the oldest and my human's first pup. My human used to take me to work as a therapy dog, but I have since retired. I am an old man and can be quite grumpy now. I like to keep to myself and get attention from those I am familiar with. I am happy to co-exist with other pups and generally love dogs golden in color like me, ignoring my humans when called, and pulling out the squeaker in my toys!