We take pride in the structure, discipline, individual affection, and socialization we provide to each and every pup during each stay. It's exactly why we provide services right out of our home: to minimize anxiety a pup may feel at a large kennel/boarding facility. Here's a glimpse into what you and your pup can expect. 


ALL pups are assigned a suite/crate upon arrival depending on availability and size of the pup. This helps us keep track of your pup's personal belongings, separates him/her at feeding, and provides a personal space for your pup to retreat. If your dog is not crate-trained, we will gladly work with them to feel comfortable in one or separate in a private room during feeding. All dogs are supervised when feeding and engaging in play indoors or outdoors. 


Your main hosts may leave the home for no more than 3-4 hours at a time occasionally. During this time a care provider will be assigned to supervise pups. If pups are not actively supervised, then they are separated and secured by crate or in private rooms. Their safety is important to us!




(Times are estimates and can vary daily.)

7:30am: Daycare drop-offs. Morning potty + new pup intros

8:00am: Morning feed

8:30am: Morning play and potty

12:00pm-1:30pm: Lunch (if provided)/treat and afternoon nap

1:30pm: Afternoon play and potty

4:00pm-6:30pm: Daycare pick ups


--- (For our boarded pups after daycare hours)


6:30pm: Evening feed and quick potty

7:00pm: Evening lounging 

10:00pm: Evening treat and potty

10:15pm: Bedtime