What to expect as a Pupquatics client

It’s Friday! And who is more excited that it’s a Friday other than you? Your pups! Because that means no work for mom and/or dad (usually), and extra play time and attention for our furry loves. Maybe even a trip to the dog park or a nice trail!

First off… Pupquatics would like to welcome our newest client, Roxanna!


Roxanna’s human informed me at the initial consultation that she tends to pull on the lead. Roxanna is at least half my weight and ALL muscle, so I knew that we would have to work on her walks or she would be walking me! I am no dog trainer (yet), but I do watch Cesar Milan’s shows religiously and have used some of his techniques on my own dogs. (Granted, mine are a bit spoiled so I let them get away with more than I should!) All it took was a quick switch of her Easy Walk Harness to the front, some training treats (U.S. made only), and patience. She was giving slack on the leash by day 3 and made our walk/run much smoother. We got in some good exercise. See where she headed as soon as we stepped inside. =)

Roxanna’s human also informed me at consultation that she does not do well with other dogs. We have only ever encountered one other dog on our walks (from a distance) and I instantly saw her anxiety. I didn’t sense any aggression; it mostly seemed like she just wanted to sniff some tail and was upset I wouldn’t let her do so. Either way…I won’t be bringing her near other dogs at her human’s request, but I can work on her anxiety when she sees them from a distance. She sits easily on command, but still whines. It will take some time, patience, and treats to refocus her attention and keep her calm submissive. I will keep you updated on our progress!

I am never asked to work on any behaviors with my clients, but I believe that being a good dog walker/sitter comes with the knowledge, patience, and desire to correct any unwanted behaviors and to reward good behavior! It is important to always be in control especially when walking another person’s dog because you never know how their dog will react or what you may encounter. As I have said in the past…I love a little challenge for a seemingly easy job.

Here is also what you can expect at the end of each month for your pup!

Have a great weekend!


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