New for Pupquatics in 2015



2014 was a great year for Pupquatics (PQ) and we were able to meet many new pups and their humans. We offered a free tote bag with goodies for our first 10 clients and we overwhelmingly met our goal. Unfortunately, our 20% discount and free tote bag offer has now expired; however, the tote bags will now be available for sale under PQ Products! These totes are great for your pup's supplies at home or to carry their belongings when you drop them off with us!

With the increase in furry clients we have now met a demand for dog daycare! We have added dog daycare to our list of services and fully expect to have a consistent and growing play group of pups in 2015!

As fellow pet owners, Pupquatics understands the desire for photo and text updates for your furry babies. You love them, so you naturally want to know what they are doing, if they are behaving and simply having a good time! While we gladly send these photos through 3rd party Web sites or text message, we also enjoy featuring photos we take on our Instagram and Facebook page. As a PQ client, we encourage you to visit and add/like us on both so that you can see your fur baby and other pups with whom he/she may be running around!

Instagram: @pupquatics (Main), @knnpearl (Kim), @honglikea (Jon)

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